Terms and Conditions


This document sets forth the entire Agreement between the Service Provider hereinafter referred to as We, Us and Our, and, the Purchaser as You and Your. No representation, promise or condition herein shall modify these terms. Service Net Solutions, LLC is contractually obligated to You to provide service under this Contract where in accordance with, and as allowed by state law. If in Florida, SNAdmin of Florida, Inc. is contractually obligated to You to provide service under this Contract where in accordance with, and as allowed by state law. Please refer to the face of this Contract for applicable state disclosures. The term of this Service Contract is from the date of purchase of the eligible covered product(s) to the end of the term shown in months on the attached sheet. Coverage under this Service Contract (except Power Surge Protection) begins after the expiration of the manufacturer’s parts and labor warranty.

1. Coverage and Term. This is not an insurance policy. Obligations under this Contract are insured by American Motorist Insurance Company, 1 Kemper Drive, Long Grove, Il 60049 under policy number AMC AB 053127. The telephone number is (800) 753-6737. If you purchased your Contract in Florida, obligations under this Contract are insured by Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company, 1 Kemper Drive, Long Grove, IL 60049 under policy number LMC-3AA-058-485. The telephone number is (800) 753-6737.

2. What Is Covered: We will restore a covered product to normal operating condition after it has failed during normal use. This Service Contract covers labor and parts costs necessary to repair or replace (at Our option) Your product. The following products may be covered if listed on the attached Service Contract:

A. Home Office Equipment: Such as copiers, facsimile machines, home electronics, personal computers and peripherals (such as input devices, LCD screens, monitors, printers, scanners, etc.), and telephones. All functional internal factory installed parts such as circuit boards, fans, IC chips, internal wiring, motors, picture tubes, power supplies, switches, and transistors are covered. All functional original manufacturer supplied external parts and accessories such as: battery chargers (excluding batteries), power adapters and supplies, and remote control devices are covered.

B. Major Appliances: Such as dishwashers, dryers, freezers, garbage disposals, microwave ovens, ovens, range hoods and exhaust systems, ranges and counter cooktops, refrigerators, room air conditioners, trash compactors, and washers are covered. All functional internal factory installed parts such as bearings, clocks and timers, compressors, electrical wiring, heating elements, internal hoses, motors, safety switches, sealed systems, seals and gaskets, switches, thermostats, and valves are covered.

C. Electronics: Such as camcorders, digital video disk players and recorders, projection televisions, stereo components, stereos, televisions, and video cassette recorders. All functional internal factory installed parts such as antennas, capacitors, circuit boards, controls, fans, fuses, heat sinks, IC chips, motors, picture tubes, processors, projection television fluids, resistors, switches, timers, transformers, transistors, and tuners, are covered. All functional original manufacturer supplied external parts and accessories such as: battery chargers (excluding batteries), power adapters and supplies, remote control devices, and internal antennas are covered.

D. Other Consumer Products: Such as floor cleaners, sewing machines, and vacuum cleaners, are covered. All functional internal factory installed parts such as bearings, circuit boards, clocks and timers, controls, internal wiring, motors, power supplies, resistors, safety switches, switches, and transformers are covered.

E. Major Component: Coverage includes one of the following: picture tube, audio/video head, laser pick-up assembly, LNB, compressor, magnetron tube, transmission, direct drive motor, motor, heating element, bake/broil/surface element, motors, and hoods/compactors. Only the Major Components listed are eligible for coverage. Labor costs for the repair, replacement, and installation of that component are not covered.

3. Additional Coverage and & Services:

A. On-Site Service: On-Site service will be provided for all types of 1. B. Major Appliances, excluding countertop microwave ovens, and for all televisions with a screen size equal to 25” or larger, and for all projection televisions. All other product categories are covered for carry-in or depot service unless specified on the front of this form as on-site coverage. On-Site Service will be provided when Your residence is located within sixty (60) miles of an authorized service provider. Due to environmental and technical requirements, certain repairs can not be completed in Your residence and must be completed at a manufacturer authorized service center. If We need to ship Your product to complete repairs, We will pay for shipping and handling costs.

B. Projection Television Maintenance: When validated within the Special Provisions field shown above, this Service Contract provides for one (1) check-up per calendar year, during the term of the Service Contract. This will include cleanings for covered projection televisions.

C. Food Spoilage: We will reimburse you for food loss that results from a covered mechanical or electrical component failure. Our limit of liability for this coverage is two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) per occurrence within any twelve month period.

D. Power Surge & Lightning Protection: This Service Contract provides power surge and lightning protection in excess of any other insurance coverage, from the date of purchase of this Service Contract.

E. No Lemon Guarantee: Following the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty term and after three service repairs have been completed on an individual product, and that product requires a fourth repair, as determined by Us, We will replace it with a product of comparable performance, not to exceed the original retail purchase price. Technical advances may result in a replacement product with a lower retail price than the original product. We may require You to return the original product, original purchase receipts, and the three separate service repair receipts from separate service repair incidents, all authorized by Us, to Us, in order to qualify for replacement. One service authorization number is the equivalent of one repair. Please retain Your service receipts. Copies of service receipts cannot be provided by Us. Preventative maintenance checks, cleanings, product diagnosis, customer education, accessory repairs or replacements, and computer software related problems are not considered repairs for the purposes of this No Lemon Guarantee.

4. Service Contract Aggregate Limit of Liability: The total payment(s) for all claims under this Service Contract shall not exceed the original retail purchase price of the covered product or system. NONREPAIRABLE PRODUCTS – IF WE DETERMINE THAT THE PRODUCT IS NOT REPAIRABLE, WE MAY REPLACE THE PRODUCT WITH A NEW OR REBUILT PRODUCT OF LIKE KIND AND QUALITY. AT OUR OPTION, REPLACEMENT PARTS WILL BE NEW, REBUILT OR NON-ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER’S PARTS THAT PERFORM TO THE FACTORY SPECIFICATIONS OF THE PRODUCT. All defective parts will become Our property.

5. Service Contract Holder’s Responsibilities: You must follow the instructions for use provided in the owners manual of Your product. You must have Your product maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, as outlined in the owner’s manual. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and service recommendations may result in the denial of Coverage under this Contract. We strongly recommend (but do not require as a condition of this Contract) the regular back-up of personal computer data and software.

6. If You Need Service: Call the telephone number displayed on the attached Service Contract to authorize service. Repair service will be available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, and will be provided by a manufacturer authorized service center, or the Dealer named in this contract. After we authorize Your claim, You may arrange for service and We will cover the reasonable parts and labor costs that We authorize. You may be asked to provide proof of purchase as a condition for receiving service under this Service Contract. Your Original Purchase Receipt Should be Kept With This Service Contract In A Safe Place

Exclusions & What Is Not Covered - Your Service Contract Does Not Cover:

A. Failure of parts or labor repair costs covered by a manufacturer’s limited warranty or recall program, and all new and refurbished products with less than an original ninety (90) days manufacturer’s parts and labor limited warranty.

B. Consumer replaceable items such as batteries, including rechargeable batteries, tapes, ribbons, bulbs including projection television and LCD projector bulbs, data storage media, filters, ink and toner cartridges and drums, fuses, blades, replaceable fluids, or any other parts or materials which are designed to be consumed during the life of the product. Loss of or damage to data, recording media, and software is not covered.

C. Failures of the following non-operational components such as, but not limited to: cabinetry and cabinet frames, decorative finishing, door liners, glass, including projection television exterior screens, handles, hinges, knobs, masks, racks, rollers, and shelves. Cosmetic damage is not covered.

D. Television or personal computer monitor screen imperfections, including ‘burn-in’ or burned CRT phosphor, caused by video games, prolonged display of one or more signal( s), or other abuse. Damaged or defective LCD screens when the failure is caused by abuse or is otherwise excluded herein.

E. Damage resulting from unauthorized repair; software virus; improper gas or water connections, or electrical wiring and connections; damage caused during delivery, improper installation, or setup, user facilitated minor adjustments and settings outlined in the product’s owners manual, external antenna or local reception problems, inaccessible products or parts, negligence, misuse or abuse whether willful or not.

F. Failures due to corrosion, rust, dust, animal or insect damage; Acts of God such as fire, water, windstorm, sand, dirt, hail or earthquake; civil disorders; riot; nuclear accident; accidental physical damage by any external cause; malicious mischief; theft or vandalism.

G. Your failure to follow the instructions described in the product’s owner’s manual; Your failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures and requirements; Your misuse or abuse of the product; damage caused by leaking batteries.

H. Any service request which results in a diagnosis that the product has not failed to perform as designed. We will reimburse You for the first service request and cover the second service request when it results in the diagnosis and correction of the same intermittent covered product failure.

I. Failure, inoperability, or disruption of any product or product functions, or inability to store or process data, caused directly or indirectly by design, planning, programming, or engineering incompatibility with any dates, including but not limited to the years 1999 or 2000.

J. Components and products used for commercial purposes other than in a home office or for personal business use. Products provided for public use or rental are not covered. Use of a product for these purposes will void this Service Contract.

K. Conditions which existed prior to Your purchase and delivery of the product. Special, indirect, incremental, or consequential damages; loss of use.

L. We do not cover excess mileage charges when Your residence is located more than sixty (60) miles from the nearest authorized service provider.

8. Renewal:
This Service Contract may be renewed at Your request and subject to Our approval at the then prevailing eligibility guidelines. The renewal service contract price will reflect the age and condition of the product at the expiration of this Service Contract. To renew, please contact the Administrator at least 30 days prior to the expiration of this Service Contract for an application and additional details, including Service Contract pricing.

9. Arbitration: Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Contract, or breach thereof, will be settled by binding arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. A judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

10. Transfer: You may transfer this agreement to any person in the United States, by sending written notice to: Philips Priority Service Plans, 650 Missouri Ave., Jeffersonville, IN 47130. In Florida, please send written notice to: SNAdmin of Florida, Inc., 650 Missouri Ave., Jeffersonville, IN 47130. Moving Your Products To A New Location: You can change your service address at any time by notifying the Administrator in writing at the address listed below.

11. Buyout:In the event We are unable to repair Your product(s) due to unavailability of equipment or parts, We at Our option may elect to buy out the contract up to the original purchase price less any claims paid.

12. Cancellation: You may cancel at anytime for any reason. If You cancel this Agreement within sixty (60) days of the date purchased You will receive a refund of the full purchase price less any claims. If You cancel this Agreement thereafter, You will be refunded the remaining days of coverage on a monthly prorated basis, less costs for service performed (if applicable). Neither You nor the Dealer nor Us is obligated to renew this Agreement beyond the current term.

Administrator - If you have any questions, require customer service, or wish to report a claim, please contact: Philips Priority Service, P.O. Box 811, Jeffersonville, IN 47131 Call toll free 800-818-6878 or visit http://www.philipspriorityservice.com